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Friday, 23 December 2011

'Treasure Island' (Glasgow) & 'Amusements' (Stonehaven)

I’m admittedly not clear on the introduction of video games into Scottish arcades. There’s articles and writing out there about the decline of the seaside arcade on the whole, but very few seem to even acknowledge the presence of video games at all. At best they’re ignored and at worst they seem to be considered as aggressive interlopers; bright, noisy, obnoxious and you can’t even win any money on them!

Of course, no arcade is under any sort of compulsion to have video games. In Scotland at least there always seems to have been a bit of a divide between ‘arcades’ and ‘amusements’ with amusements primarily focusing on age restricted fruit machines and arcades being more family orientated affairs with a large degree of crossover between the two. Aberdeen’s now defunct Leisureland Bridge Street arcade was a great example of the schism between the two, with a downstairs section dominated by fruit machines and a pretty amazing selection of video games upstairs including (but not limited to) Street Fighter 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Scud Race, Fighting Vipers 2 and various Metal Slug installlments before its decline. A bored looking security guard ensured that the parallel worlds of video games and slot machines would never collide, but no one I knew ever wanted them to. We were too busy playing goddamn Scud Race.

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